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Invest in your memories!

Everyone has their preferred doctor, hair stylist, nail tech, etc.... Let me be your dedicated travel advisor! Whether you travel once in a while or several times a year, work with me consistently and I'll learn your preferences and make the travel process seamless for you. Just pack your bags and enjoy making the memories! 

Not all trips are created equal. Let's schedule a quick chat to review your likes/dislikes as well as your travel hopes and dreams. We can get started on a plan to cross those destinations off of your TripList!

Even if you're not ready to board a plane in the next month its important to get started on the PLAN! Working with me will take all the stress out of your adventures. In 2021 its worth it to do whatever you can to avoid stress in life and after Covid-19 and 2020, its time to get out into the world again!

Once we have had a chance to get to know one another and I get a feel for your travel desires I will get to work on a travel plan for you! You will be quoted a planning fee based on the details of your trip and we can begin the process of your memory making! 

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