Types of Travelers

I often find myself balancing on the line of The Planner vs. The Just Get There and Figure it Out. I plan. Then I plan some more. And a little more. And then I realize “this is too much.” I remove some of the plans. I feel like I’m forgetting something. I go back to planning. It’s quite the dance. For example, I am planning a trip to Italy (with a quick visit to Paris first) and I happened to Google search “travel necessities” which was a very helpful mistake. Yes, both helpful and a mistake. Helpful because most of these items really were great ideas. Mistake because next thing I knew, my Amazon shopping cart had about 30 items in it. I got the ‘snap back into reality’ once I glanced at the cart’s total. That’s when I said “this is too much.”

I also overpack to a fault. Not with clothes or shoes or accessories, usually, but instead with a ridiculous amount of camera gear or a laptop I literally will not open once unless the TV doesn’t have a port for our Fire Stick and we end up using it to stream movies. But I just can’t seem to leave these items off of the packing list JUST IN CASE I might need them while abroad. I also over-plan for each day of travel. I don’t want to plan every second of every day while traveling because, let’s face it, I’m going to sleep in or not want to go on that hike or eat that specific food. I just feel like I need to research research RESEARCH or else I will undoubtedly miss out on something spectacular, only to see it pop up on a social media platform once I’m back home. I believe its often referred to as FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. Which I most certainly have.

Pre-trip I am definitely a planner. Once I’m on the trip, I make changes to the plan and just figure it out. I think the research beforehand is important, though. It makes looking into things last minute a little easier because you’re already familiar with the material. So, maybe it’s a good thing that I am a little bit of both types of traveler. I think a part of it comes from the fact that I just really like to research new places! That’s what gives me confidence as a Travel Advisor. I deep dive into everything about travel for my clients and for myself. When I say “deep dive” I’m talking Marianas Trench deep, folks. Flight times for departing and arriving, average weather, airport sizes and ease of navigating, transit, places to stay, places to eat, places to photograph, things to avoid, things you absolutely must see and so much more. It’s an obsession. My knowledge is your unforgettable vacation. My goal is to have all the answers for my clients and if I don’t have them, believe I will figure out the answers!

I’m here for both types of traveler because ultimately, I am both types myself. If you want everything planned, I’m your person. If you just need me to get you there and back and be on speed dial for any questions or requests last minute, I’m your person. If you want me to tag along and show you the ropes or take your photos or produce a cinematic film of your travels, I’m your person. Let’s work together to get these unforgettable trips planned and crossed off of that TripList!

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