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About the Owner

Hello and welcome to TripList!

My name is Brianna Pitocchelli and I have been travelling for the last 23 years. Okay fine, you caught me, my first flight was when I was at the ripe young age of 4, but it still counts! Through the years I have been to 13 states and 7 countries and I am most certainly still counting. In early 2021, I ended up putting together an entire weekend itinerary for Disney World and Universal out of sheer boredom. I was so excited about what I had come up with that I decided to take the trip! I packed up my truck and drove the 6 hours to Orlando and had the best time! Yes, I’m a grown up. Yes, I cried when I saw the Disney Princesses. The moment I realized I created travel itineraries for fun was the moment I knew I could do this for others. I offer custom trips for anyone who cannot get enough of this beautiful world and the food that makes you close your eyes and chew a little slower to make the moment last longer. I especially love to plan Disney World, Universal Studios, Las Vegas and Italy but I will help you travel wherever your heart wants to take you next. I have been working at The Ritz-Carlton for 4 years and the customer service standards I've developed during my time there will ensure a luxurious travel experience for everyone. Let’s converse and collaborate on crossing places off of your own unique TripList!

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