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Travel Planning & Consultation

Planning Travels

Welcome to TripList!

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."
-Susan Sontag

Don't let "maybe one day" turn into "we really should have."

Most everyone has said they wanted to wait a little while longer before they take the trip. "Maybe next year" or "When the kids are older" are common statements made to reassure us that travel is still possible even if it can't happen right now. It's important to make travel happen! Life has a habit of getting in the way but one day travel might not be a possibility any longer. I'm here to help you maneuver around all the metaphorical mountains standing in between your desire to travel and actually packing your bags to head out on your adventure! From weekend getaways to bucket list adventures I will help you find reasonably priced trips as well as trips for the whole family! It may seem overwhelming but once you have me on your side, all the stress will disappear and next thing you know, everyone is headed somewhere fabulous and exciting! Let's collaborate on making your dreams come true because, ultimately, life is short.

cruise ship on island
Long Train Ride
On the Road

4 Years of The Ritz-Carlton Customer Service + Decades of Travel Obsession =  The Perfect Travel Advisor

You may be able to cross more than one item off your TripList!

If the perfect deal for your dream destination becomes available, I'll never know to reach out to you unless you tell me all about your travel dreams!

The more we chat the better I get to know your preferences. Each trip will be planned with you and yours in mind. 

Benefits of talking travel with your new favorite travel advisor:

Post Covid-19, certain countries are re-opening to travel. I'll keep you updated on when your favorite place is safe to travel to once again!

"Planning" trips doesn't mean "booking" trips. It's important to begin a travel plan even if you aren't quite ready to head out into the world again just yet. 

There might be additional benefits for your trips that you wouldn't have access to while searching online!

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